5 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity

Your to-do list grows and grows, and while you’re working hard, it never seems to shrink.

Sound familiar?

We’re all guilty of making poor choices that kill our productivity and make working to our fullest potential impossible.

When you work on your business at home, there’s nobody to hold you accountable and make sure you get things done. Before you fire yourself, try getting rid of these 5 unhealthy habits that are making it harder for you to make the most of every 24 hours.

  1.  Quit hitting the snooze button. Every time you wake up, hit snooze and go back to sleep, you wake up groggier and groggier. Those 9-minute snooze sessions only allow you to slip into the first, lightest stage of sleep. Instead of feeling more refreshed, you feel worse and worse, and it will take even longer for you to feel normal and start your day. Just set your alarm for a time you’ll actually wake up for. Get your 6-8 hours every night, and get used to waking up refreshed. You’ll feel so much better, and you’ll free up a lot of time that you may have wasted shaking off that foggy feeling.
  2.  Stop checking your web traffic. Now that most searches are encrypted, you can’t see most of the keywords that Google searchers use to find your site. You can learn a little from your referral traffic stats, but not enough to make it worth checking your analytics every single day. Check your analytics once a week at most. Focus your time and energy on moving forward with publishing blog posts and marketing efforts. That’s all you need to know: that you need to move forward.
  3.  Get off your social media accounts. While social media is an excellent way to get in touch with just about anyone and market just about anything, it’s a huge time waster. Most people are on social media to either have fun or promote themselves. Instead of replying to tweets about current events or trending hashtags, use your social media profile to attract customers to you.
  4.  Outsource whenever you can. Struggling to do tasks that aren’t your expertise, such as bookkeeping, can take much longer than they need to if you’re just learning how to do them. You could take 9 hour trying to figure out your taxes, losing time and money, or you could have a seasoned pro file your taxes accurately in under an hour. If you’re not making much money, you might think you can’t afford to outsource, but the truth is, you can’t afford to try to do everything yourself.
  5.  Get organized. When you’re messy, you spend a lot of time looking for stuff, and replacing lost documents. Even worse, you’re much more likely to feel overwhelmed. A messy workspace is terrible for productivity. Start fresh with a day-long organizing and cleaning session, then spend a few minutes a day maintaining an orderly, creativity-boosting home and workspace.

Getting rid of these 5 habits will be freeing. You’ll need to be patient with yourself, and you might need to eliminate one habit at a time. Remember, all of the most influential people in the world share the same 24 hours, and they can get everything done – you can too!


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