6 Best Sources Of Free Stock Images For Your Blog Posts

Blogging consistently is one of the easiest and most essential ways to attract sales and build your credibility. Every blog post should have an image. An image captures your reader’s attention and piques their curiosity.

Multiple images in a blog post break up long blocks of text and illustrate your points. Use free stock images to make your blog posts beautiful, get more attention on social media and increase your readership.

Here’s list of some of the best ways to get completely free stock images that you can use on your blog.

Bookmark this list so you’ll always have free image sites at your fingertips when you’re writing blog posts!

1. Pixabay.com has thousands of free stock images, vectors and illustrations.

The images are professional quality and free to use without attribution. It’s easy to download the images in several different sizes to suit your needs.

2. Flickr.com has user-submitted images with different licenses.

You can sort your Flickr image search to only include images with a creative commons license. You may still need to provide attribution by linking to the photographer’s account.

3. PicJumbo.com has high-resolution casual shots.

For food and casual working-on-laptop photos, PicJumbo is a great resource that does not require attribution when you use their photos, even for your business blog.

4. Freeimages.com is great for blog posts.

Some photos require attribution, but you’ll be able to get an image for just about any keyword. You’ll need to register for a free account to start downloading.

5. Morguefile.com is a free stock photo search engine.

New photos are added regularly, and there are at least a few from most categories. The photos are not always the highest quality, so it’s a hit-and-miss at times, but there are great shots in the mix.

6. Google Image Search finds free images across the web.

Did you know you can find creative commons images on Google Images? All you have to do is click “Search Tools” and filter by “Usage rights.” Choose “labeled for reuse” to find images that you can use on your blog. Some images require attribution; you’ll need to visit the source site to make sure you don’t violate their terms.

Choosing images from any of these six sources will give you high-quality photos that will enhance the appearance of your blog and add credibility to your posts. Make sure you double-check sources for attribution requirements and give credit. A simple link in your photo caption will suffice.

For best results, use your own photos and graphics.

While free stock images are not unique, and used by hundreds of blogs, they’re a good start. Add original, never-before-seen graphics to your blog by creating your own (or outsourcing) and using photos you take with your phone.

The best way to illustrate blog posts with a personal story is to add personal photos. Stock images are handy, but your own photos add more dimension to your blog, even if the quality is not perfect.


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