Caroline Newman – The Founder


Caroline Newman founded the African Women Lawyers’ Association™ and is now one of its Patrons.

She founded the AWLA to help women of African and Caribbean decent within the law field at every stage of their career.  The AWLA is committed to helping our members to achieve equality of access, retention and promotion within the legal sector.

Caroline was the first elected ethnic minority solicitor to be elected to the Council of the Law Society of England and Wales.

She since served 6 years as a council member.  She chaired the Equality and Diversity Committee for 4 years.  She was a member of the ICAEW’s Investigation and Disciplinary committee for 3 years.

She is the inaugural chair of the Ethnic minority lawyers’ division of the law society.

In 2017 she founded the Women of the African Diaspora™ Leadership Summit to inspire, support and educate women to step into leadership positions in corporate organisations. Politics, business and their communities.

She served as a trustee of the Howard league for penal reform for 18 years.  There she conducted research on girls in prison and was part of the committee that was instrumental in lobbying the government to release all girls under 18 from adult prisons.

Caroline is an international Speaker, train and elite performance consultant and mentor to the top judges, QCs, Attorneys, solicitors and barristers.  She is an industry expert.  As CEO of  Lawdacity Caroline has fast become recognized as the UK’s leading expert helping women owned businesses and self-employed professionals to land corporate clients to elevate their businesses.  In this regard she is known as The Business Advocate.

Caroline originally trained as a corporate lawyer in one of the top law firms in the City of London.  After leaving that firm she started and run her own successful law practice.

In 2006 she decided to set up a business coaching, training, and consulting within the legal professions and was awarded HSBCs Entrepreneur of the year in the startup category as business most likely to succeed.

Having successfully navigated both sides of the corporate buying table for more than 11 years, including having responsibility for hiring over 100 outside vendors, suppliers and service providers, Caroline knows exactly what corporate decision makers look for in their outside experts.

She has used this “insider” knowledge to not only land some of the biggest brands in the country as her own clients and build her own 6-figure- plus business, but also to teach business owners around the world how to do the same for themselves.

Caroline is a number one international bestselling author (Love Unboxed 2017).  She is author of Legal Gold- How to Sell and Deliver Coaching, Training and Consulting Services to the Legal Profession (published 2011), Love Unboxed and Step In.

Caroline is founder and producer of Corporate Gold™, Retainer Money™, Elevate Your Business™ and Sisterminding™.  These are designed specifically to help all varieties of small business owners learn how to grow their businesses and the land large companies as their clients.

Caroline has featured in BBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, Counsel Magazine, Law Gazette, Solicitors Journal, The Barrister, The Times and other leading media outlets.


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