Code of Conduct

1.(a )  Categories of Membership
Categories are

Full Members : Full voting and membership rights
Associate Members : No voting rights.
Affiliate Members : No voting rights
Corporate Members : Each member has full voting rights and membership rights

1.(b) Eligibility.

Full members :
All women of African or Caribbean descent who are Solicitors, Barristers, Legal Executives, trainees are eligible to be full members of the AWLA.
Associate members:
Anyone who shares the values and aims of the AWLA can apply to be Associate members.
Affiliate Members:
Any organisation may apply to affiliate with the AWLA

1.(c) Application for Membership

All applications for membership will be submitted on a form prescribed for that purpose which will be sent to the AWLA for processing and registration in accordance with any Standard Procedures as may be laid down by the Executive Committee.

1.(d) Refusal to accept an Application.

In the event of the Committee having reason to refuse an application for membership, such refusal shall be notified to the individual or organisation concerned.

1.(e) Holding of Office

Only Full Members shall be eligible to hold office at any level in the AWLA. However associate members may become members of a committee.


The affairs of the AWLA shall be directed, controlled, managed, and administered in accordance with the Constitution and Executive Committee directives.


The AWLA is managed by an Executive Committee whose duties and responsibilities are set out in the Constitution.


(a) The AWLA will hold an Annual General Meeting once in every calendar year and in any event at intervals of not more than fifteen months, with the object of enabling members to discuss debate, and propose future policies of the AWLA, and to discuss and debate progress of the AWLA over the past twelve months
(b) The meeting will be called by the Executive Committee on a date to be decided by them by the giving of Thirty days notice, at least, to members.
(c) The Executive Committee shall supervise the organisation of the AGM.
(d) The Agenda for the AGM shall be drawn up by the Executive Committee.   Members can put forward items they wish to have discussed to the Secretary of the Committee.
(e) The procedure for the AGM is set out in the Constitution.


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