How To Build Your Personal Brand When Working With An MLM Company

When you sign up for an MLM opportunity, the first thing you’ll notice is that your brand and your product are already provided for you.

Most MLMs come with websites, logos and premade content and scripts for you to use to promote and sell. All of this great stuff looks professional, but it kills your individuality. None of the provided content is going to have “you” in it, which is a big problem when you offer the same product as hundreds of your fellow MLM members.

High-Earning Members Have Strong Personal Brands

Take a look at the top members in your MLM company. Time and time again, you’ll notice the same thing: that these members have gone above and beyond to create a one-of-a-kind brand experience, even though they sell the exact same thing as you.

None of the top, highest-earning members use the premade website content and recycled email marketing messages to get leads.

Expressing Your Personal Brand To Make More Targeted Sales

So, is that pre-made marketing material useless? Not at all! It’s going to be the foundation for your personal brand. It’s going to inspire you to highlight the best qualities and features of the product you’re selling. It’s going to show you which words to use and how to captivate your audience.

But you’ll have to do better than that. Your personal brand is the reason why your customers are going to sign up with you, instead of the hundreds of others selling the same product.

First, get to know your ideal customer. If you sell a weight loss product, for example, you might decide on a certain age range, or you might be one of the few members to sell to men, instead of women. Get to know your ideal customer’s priorities and needs.

The best way to do this is to get involved with Facebook groups, hashtags, dedicated websites and forums that perfectly house your ideal customer. Better yet, talk to these people in person.

Creating Your Online Persona

Build a personal brand that will position yourself as the go-to person that will solve your ideal customer’s problems. You don’t have to have a Master’s degree in your chosen niche or have decades or experience as an expert to be influential.

It’s so much more important to show that you’re a real person who understands your ideal customer’s needs.

  •  Your website’s theme colors, logo, web copy and photos need to take on a united effort to express your personal brand and make you stand out. Have professional photographs taken that reflect the “you” that you want to show in your brand.
  •  Make sure to coordinate your outfits, surroundings and makeup to take photos that will meld beautifully on your website and social media accounts.
  • Always use your real, full name for personal branding. Remember, it’s real people that customers want to buy from, not anonymous logos. If you absolutely cannot use your real name, use one pseudonym across all of your online platforms and stick to it.
  • Create new blog posts as often as possible, adding personal anecdotes to draw in your readers and prove that you are “real.” Your blog should be an ongoing information resource as well as a place where your readers can get a taste of who you really are.

Building your personal brand will make it much easier to attract highly interested potential customers as well as boost your motivation to work within your business. When your business is truly “yours,” you can’t help but get excited to make it grow.

Making money with an MLM teaches you to build a presence without the added wait of creating your own product and writing marketing materials from scratch. It’s one of the best ways to earn money as you learn to become an all-around better marketer.


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