How To Make Full-Time Money With Part-Time Hours

Building a home-based business means working as much or as little as you desire. Waking up early to start working is a good way to get more productive hours out of your day, but if that’s just not you, why do it? If you have kids, a day job, or just like to sleep, you don’t have to feel guilty about working part-time hours on your online business. In fact, it’s more than reasonable to set yourself up to make full-time money working part-time.

Stop trading your time for money. I cannot stress this enough – if you are stuck with the common misconception that you only deserve to make a certain amount per hour you work, you won’t move forward with your online business. Don’t think about how you made just $10, $15 or $20 per hour at your last job. When you run a business, the hours you spend on marketing, speaking to prospects and creating content won’t immediate translate into an hour

paycheck. Your hard work is an investment that can turn into any amount of money – it’s up to you how much.

Go for big sales. Many online marketers make the mistake of selling e-books for 99 cents or going after low cost affiliate products. These sales only make significant money with very high volume sales. At this point, you probably don’t have a huge email marketing list or a massive Twitter following, and that’s okay. When you go after high-commission sales, you only need to make a few sales to see a reasonable return on your time investment.

Make your sales personal. You’ll use automated marketing processes such as auto-responders and premade email campaigns to generate sales. But that doesn’t mean you won’t put yourself out there and make your sales personal. The more willing you are to reach out to potential sign-ups and create a personal connection, the more they’ll trust you and be willing to listen to what you have to offer. You’ll also find your work more rewarding this way. Making your sales process more personal can be as easy as adding personal anecdotes to your messages, web copy and blog posts. Make it “you!”

Make the most of your part-time hours. It’s easy find yourself treading water, checking scant web traffic reports over and over and refreshing your email account. It’s easy to get lost in your Twitter stream and spend hours reading articles without realizing it. But to make your daily few hours productive and profitable, you’ll need to plan them out and make sure that everything you do leads to you making more money.

Automate your sales process. Remember what I said about getting personal with your sales? At the same time, you’ll need to set your system up so you can make sales in your sleep. When someone is first introduced to who you are and what you do on your website, there’s no need for you to stand by and explain everything. That’s what your automated emails and sales funnel is for. Automation vets potential prospects. When someone has a question or

gets to a certain point in your materials, you should be available to connect with them. In the meantime, let your content do the work for you.

The MLM company you choose will provide a lot of what you need to succeed. With a premade product ready to sell, you’ll only need a few hours a day to spend on marketing. Then, you can spend the rest of your day enjoying the well-deserved rewards of your hard work.


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