Membership Benefits

Membership of the AWLA is open to  members of the legal profession worldwide. This includes solicitors, barristers, attorneys,  judges, law students, trainees, pupils  etc. The current membership consists of senior members of the Bar, partners of law firms, sole practitioners, in-house counsel, public sector lawyers, trainee solicitors and pupil barristers. Therefore, the AWLA is truly representative of all sectors of the legal professions.

Benefits of 4 Types of Membership

Associate membership

Associate Membership is FREE.  Individuals can register.

Benefits of Associate Membership

  • AWLA is a member of the Law Society BAME and International Division
  • AWLA members receive priority notices of law events
  • Regular networking and other events
  • Essential mentoring from experienced lawyers
  • Opportunity to have their say in consultations and attend relevant meetings
  • Access to opportunities: jobs, training, work experience
  • Be part of a vibrant and active Forum
  • Take  part in legal workshops and debates

Full Membership

The subscription for Full membership is £50.00 per year.

Benefits of Full Membership 

  • In addition to the Associate members benefits Members can post their details on the AWLA website so they can be found by other members and passed opportunities receive 25% Discount on Courses, Masterclasses and events.

Corporate Membership

If you have more than six members in your legal department then our Subscribed Corporate Membership is even better value for money at just £300 (for up to 20 members) and  £400 (for 20+ members).

  • Membership can include barristers, trainee solicitors, legal executives, paralegals and so on.

Affiliate Membership

Organisations which share the aims and objectives of the AWLA or who have similar interests can register to become affiliate members.  there is no cost to this.   Organizations can register at


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