The AWLA’s Aims and Objectives

  • To promote African women lawyer’s interests in the legal professions.
  • To actively oppose discrimination against African women lawyers.
  • To articulate and represent the views of African women lawyers
  • To articulate and promote the professional education of practitioners, legal workers and students
  • To enable women of African and Caribbean descent to come together to support each other, develop themselves and their careers and mentor other women who wish to enter the legal Profession
  • To support Black female practitioners, legal workers and students against race, gender, sex, colour, age and disability discrimination and all other types of disparate treatment
  • To work towards the elimination  of racism and sexism and the combined effects of racial and sexual discrimination within society which disproportionately affects Black women and to ensure true equality of opportunity and equal access.
  • To campaign on issues important to African women lawyers.
  • To influence the legal community to bring about meaningful change in order to meet the needs of African and Caribbean women lawyers.

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